Our Ministry Support and Membership Guidelines

Ministry Support

ÿ Leadership Training and Development—for pastors and leaders.

ÿ Effective Ministry Resources and Solutions—for progressive ministry trends, approaches and methods.

ÿ Spiritual, Administrative and Financial Excellence—in ministry operational procedures, processes and functions.

ÿ Church Consulting— to assist in strategic planning and ministry development and implementation.

ÿ Church Expansion Consulting—steps in growing your church through church planting, multiple services and multi-sites.

ÿ Assist in Church Membership Assimilation and Tracking—closing the back door of the church, new members’ classes development, converting first-time visitors to members and mobilizing the congregation from membership to work the ministry.

ÿ Pastoral Compensation Package—assist in setting compensation packages with integrity that will meet the pastoral need without over burdening the church.

ÿ Church Board Development—advice on planning and leading productive board meetings and how to develop governing boards.

Membership Guidelines

GSFI is not for everyone. It is for pastors and churches who desire spiritual and corporate oversight and integral fellowship with men and women seeking to fulfill their purpose in ministry. GSFI highly regards the importance of the autonomy of the local church, wherein being independent and self-governing, as we are a fellowship and not a denomination. Other guidelines are:

ÿ You must be a senior pastor or be sponsored by a member pastor.

ÿ You must be a church or tax exempt non-profit para-church ministry.

ÿ You must agree with our Statement of Faith and be doctrinally compatible.

ÿ You must be able to attend GSFI pastoral conferences.

To apply for membership, simply complete the application form and send to Good Shepherds Fellowship for processing. You will be contacted upon receipt of your application.

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